The National Swedish Open TV Group (RÖK-TV) is the only nationwide network of non-profit & non-commerical TV Stations in Sweden.

Our member stations broadcast in 30 Swedish counties via Cable TV and IPTV, with a total channel subscriber base of over 2 million Swedish citizens!

These stations are open to everyone and to all organisations. Charities, Non-Profits, Companies och individuals can make and broadcast their own TV Programmes with us. Our work is funded primarily by membership fees and the members themselves.

Swedish law allows most broadcasts to be additionally funded by Sponsorship & Paid Product Placement, but commercial advertisements are strictly forbidden.

If you would like to discuss sponsoring or promoting your brand/product in one of our local or national broadcasts, please use the contact button below.

NOTE: A number of national sponsorship packages are currently available starting at only 9,500 SEK.
(for a limited time only and available on a first come, first served basis.)

Our RÖK-TV Shows

This year, RÖK will start broadcasting nationally for the first time.

Once a week, The RÖK-TV channels combine across Swede and join as one for a special nerdy broadcast of premium content, aimed at giving you a weekly burst of Geeky Gaming and Gadget Goodness.

A retro respite of computing, comedy & cooky culture that we call...


aka "NerdNight on RÖK-TV"

Here are a few of the highlights...

Digitiser The Show


(Coming in 2019)

MrBiffo and the crew are bringing back Proper Gaming Telly, coming in 2019, this KickStarter sucess will be knocking our digital socks off for sure!



Don't worry ladies, Neil welcomes all in to the RetroManCave. Every week, he will be either recusing some obsolete trash and transforming it into a Retro Treasure, or focusing on a forgotten technology, and teaching us why it shouldn't stay forgotten. Whatever is going on in the Cave, there is always more to discover on his Neil's amazing YouTube Channel.

The 8-Bit Guy

David is an 8-bit who is never off by one, and always has plenty of bytes free!

if he isn't explaining exactly how those bits and bytes get turned into pixels and dots, he's laying down the smoothest synthy sounds on his 8-Bit Keys. You can view David's entire library of fantastic content on his Channels below.

Nostalgia Nerd

Peter is a man full of three things, Nostalgia, Nerdiness & a Neverending Need for sharing the first two!

His wit is dryer than a dead camel, and it overflows throughout all his episodes.Which can range from delightfully detailed historical tech analysis to downright crazy and insane retro experiments, but either way, he never ceases to entertain and educate!

Herring & Chips

RÖK's own in house show!

Watch Englishman David (Chips) & Swedishman Marcus (Herring) as they forcefully merge Sweden & the UK and throw it at the world!

Using Swenglish, Komedi, Gaming & Geeky Cultural Exchange! They play the best and the worst games, giving you giggle filled gameplay and ridiculous reviews of both modern masterpieces and total retro stinkers.